Five Sunday Habits for Success


Everybody knows that most diet and exercise regimens start on a Monday, but when that busy working week sets in, nine out of ten times you will see your efforts slowly start to disperse into a heap of stress, disorganisation and interrupted will power. Use the 5 tips listed below to prepare for a week of success, despite your busy work schedule, client meals and limited workout time!

1. Schedule in Your Workouts

ScheduleLook through your weekly schedule and pencil in your workouts.By making a formal appointment with yourself, you accept that your scheduled workouts take priority over last minute event invites or any other progress-plummeting scenarios.

2. Plan your meals


More often than not, you will be aware of any upcoming meals out. Whether it’s a client dinner or a family occasion, take a look at the menu before visiting and plan your meal choice in advance. This will reduce the temptation to go crazy with your order when you arrive. It will also allow you to plan what to eat for the rest of the day to avoid going way over your caloric requirements!
TIP: ** Leave out the wine!**

3. Prepare your meals


Failing to Prepare is preparing to… Most diet’s fail at the office or away from home. Prepare your healthy meals for the week and store or Freeze them ready to take with you when you are out and about. Hunger sends temptation into overdrive, so if you don’t have a healthy meal or snack nearby you can wave goodbye to your will power!

4. Plan your workouts


Don’t just arrive at the gym and expect to miraculously know what to do. Especially if you are hitting your workout at peak time, this is almost a surefire way to end up only getting on a cardio machine! Plan to do 6-8 different exercises for each of your self-scheduled workouts, and do 3-4 sets of each of them.

** if you are heading to the gym at peak times, do more sets of fewer exercises to combat endlessly waiting around for equipment!**
**If you are limited with time, choose bigger compound exercises such as Pull-ups, Squats, Deadlifts and Lunges to ramp up the calorie burn!**
**make sure you hit at least one exercise for each muscle group once per week**

5: Plan your cheat meal!


From a psychological point of view, planning your cheat meal in advance for a certain day of the week can reduce the urge to indulge for the rest of the week. Not only will you feel more motivated to stick to your plan, but you will also remove that food-related guilt that many dieters experience after eating a non-adhering meal.

** remember the term ‘Cheat Meal’ and not ‘Cheat Day’. A Cheat Meal can not only improve your mood but it can also refuel your bodies energy stores and make for some killer workouts in the days after. A whole Cheat Day however, will likely backtrack your whole week of effort!**

If you struggle to plan your workouts and meals, or find it too difficult to stick to a routine and stay accountable, online coaching could be perfect for you! Check here for more details 🙂 .

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